Cantigas´ Curriculum

The Cultural Association “Cántigas e Frores” was formed in 1948 as the joining of two groups “Frores e Silveiras” and “Cántigas e Aturuxos”. Both of them descended from the scission of the “Ofeón Galego”, which was leaded by Master Xoán Montes.

Since that epoch, the Cultural Association “Cántigas e Frores” has been conjoint to promote the cultural live of Lugo city.

Cántigas is a founder member of the “Federación Galega de Grupos de Danzas” (Galician Federation of Dance Groups) and the “Federación Española de Agrupaciones de Folclore” (Spanish Federation of Folklore Groups).

Cántigas organizes courses in Traditional Culture every year, and other related cultural activities.

The Cultural Association “Cántigas e Frores” continuously take part of concerts, performances and festivals with its Choral, Dance Group and Bagpipes Band. These activities take place on the whole Iberian Peninsula (Andalusia, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castila, Catalonia, Valencia, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Basque Country, Portugal and Asturias) and also abroad (China, The Argentine, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba and France).

Currently, “Cantigas e Frores” has got close to 300 associates, and its schools receive more than 180 students, in addition to the 120 that attend the “Curso de Cultura Tracicional Galega” (Course in Galician Traditional Culture) that takes place in Holy Week.

Our activities include:

  • Performances of Bagpipes Groups (usually quartets), Bagpipes Band and Dance Group
  • Teaching activities involving infantile and juvenile groups (initiation and enhancement) of bagpipes, traditional percussion, traditional dance and “chant and tambourine”.
  • Organization of the “Curso de Cultura Tradicional Galega” (Course in Galician Traditional Culture). Next year it will get its XXVI event.
  • Organization of the “Festival de Música e Baile Tradicional-San Froilán” (Traditional Music and Dance Festival-San Froilán).

Other goals of the Association are:

  • Studding, stiring up and disclosing the Galician Traditional Culture.
  • Creation of phonographical, video graphical and bibliographical archives on the association’s activities, using the material collected during its life (60 years).
  • Issuing publications.
  • Assessment to public and private local entities, on traditional music and dance subjects.
  • Preparing specific courses, seminars and workshops
  • Traditional music and dance meetings.
  • Exhibitions on handicraft and photography.
  • Formative and leisure travels and visits.